Social mobility

Although social mobility has become more incorporated into the legal profession in recent times, with many employers looking over which university a candidate attended, their work experience and their backgrounds, social mobility is still lacking in certain areas. Interestingly, the proportion of senior judges who went to a comprehensive school has trebled since 2014, but, decision makers in government, business and the judiciary are still dominated by the 7% of the population who are educated privately and the 1% who go to Oxford or Cambridge University.

In a report published last year by The Solicitors Regulation Authority, it found that more than half of all partners in solicitors’ firms were state-school educated, and a third were women. But, in another research study by Byfield, it was found that amongst the top 50 law firms, less than a fifth of trainees (19%) did not attend a Russel Group University, only 10% of trainees were black or minority ethnic, and although women compromised 58% of the trainee cohort, they only constituted 24% of the partnership.

It is clear that the legal profession lacks diversity and inclusion in the standard one would expect. But, many firms are also striving towards becoming more diverse and more inclusive, with many firms launching apprenticeship programmes to allow students who can perhaps not afford to go to university the chance to get into law.

I have put together some recent opportunities you can get involved in to boost your CV and social media accounts you can follow who support and encourage social mobility and diversity in the legal profession. This aims to assist those who may come from lower socio-economic backgrounds or minority groups and show you that you are not alone. See below to check them out!

Find recent opportunities to boost your CV.

Check out some social media accounts you can follow who support and encourage social mobility and diversity in the legal profession.

See a list of law firms who run Virtual Work Experience Program’s through Forage. All experiences are completely free for students, can be completed in your own time and can be added to your CV.

Read about how to get the most out of your mentoring relationship, and some great mentoring schemes to get involved in.

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