Downloadable Checklists and Templates

Below I have provided a few templates for you to use for your revision and to help manage your workload. These were made specifically for the LPC elective exams, but you can of course change them however you like and use them for any course – GDL/LLB/non-law course.

Creating checklists really helped me to structure my revision and manage my own workload. It also helped me to keep track of everything I had covered and what I still needed to cover. This way, I was able to cover all of the course content and was very prepared when it came to exams.


I went through each workshop and input all the ‘learning outcomes’ into a checklist (found at the beginning of each workshop in the bundle). I printed it off and put it at the beginning of my folder for each module. I went through each one and ticked off the ones I could do and spent extra time on revision for the ones I either couldn’t do or was struggling to understand. Here is a blank checklist you can use to input your own learning outcomes for your module (I had 3 learning outcome checklists and colour-coded them to my relevant modules):


I produced this (very) colourful checklist to make sure I covered all workshops and had made revision materials. As explained on the document, I colour-coded my modules and wrote along the top of the checklist tasks to complete such as making cue cards for each workshop, ensuring I had completed the prep + consolidation tasks, made a condensed table of notes, etc. This will help you to keep track of the material you have covered so far.

Make sure to check out my “Checklists” highlight on my Instagram page to learn more about how I made them, which you can check out here.

The two checklists below are the same – one is with explanations as to how I input information on mine which you can edit to make your own, or the other is a blank one you can use.

Revision Timetable

On the template, I have written explanations of how I made the timetable and how I broke down my modules for revision in red. If you’d like to use the template, obviously feel free to delete these blocks of texts and start making it your own! Otherwise, download the blank one.

I made a post on my Instagram last year detailing how I made my revision timetable with a video explanation, which you can check out here.

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