10 Desk Essentials You Need

Having the right stationary is important, but having the right desk essentials will be what really helps to keep you organised. So, I wanted to put a post together to tell you the exact essentials I have relied on through my studies and also doing some work from home. See below for my best desk pieces, as well as the links to t he ones I have bought!

1 – A Wall Planner

I’ve recently got hold of an A2 chalk wall planner (B&M – £3.99!) and it truly is one of the best things. Sticks to the wall, easy to write on and wipe off, comes with chalk. What more could you need? It’s handy to have your plan for the week laid out in front of you also so you’re reminded of the tasks you need to complete or any events you may have forgotten about tucked away in your diary.

The one I have isn’t on their website at the moment, but they do still sell them in store or you can check out Etsy for lots more options.= from small businesses.

Paperchase also sell wall planners specifically for the countdown to your exams!

2 – A Desk Organiser

I purchased my desk organiser from The Range for £7.99 and I love it. It holds my pens, pins, paperclips, sticky tabs, post-it notes, hole punch, stapler, book marks, and more. It keeps everything in one place and prevents your desk from getting messy.

3 – Desk Shelves

Desk shelves. What would I have done without these? I bought mine from IKEA for £15 and they simply sit and nail into your desk. They’re perfectly sturdy and are incredibly reliable. I used my desk shelves to store all my stationary baskets on and even my desk organiser! Not only were these beautiful for my Instagram photos, but they also help to save space around your room and keeps everything in one place. Even though I’m no longer a student, I still have my desk shelves but they are now nailed into the wall next to my desk to keep all my important bits on (mainly still stationary and desk baskets!)

4 – HP Printer

Having a printer during the LPC truly saved me. The one I purchased was from Currys, specifically the HP Photo ENVY 7134. The printer is not only aesthetically pleasing (which sometimes makes buying something so much better), it really is super easy to use and SUPER convenient. You can scan documents directly to your email, print, photocopy, and much more. I set this printer up all by myself (like a proper adult) and didn’t struggle whatsoever, which is a first for me! (no judgement please).

Plus, right now, the printer comes with a 9-month ink subscription trial. Let me tell you – I SERIOUSLY relied on this as a student. (I swear you never realise how expensive ink really is until you have to do your own printing, huh?). You get free ink sent to you whenever yours runs out for 9 ENTIRE months. I bought mine around the time of exams last year and this was a real life saver to me when I had to print off my notes for my folders. There are multiple plans to choose from, but as you get the free trial, you can sign up for the most expensive plan for that 9 months. I personally utilised this and signed up for the Business Plan (usually £17.99 per month) and was able to print up to 700 pages per month. Go grab yours now!

5 – A Wireless Mouse

Even if you own a laptop, a wireless mouse is a fantastic idea – and not just because track pads frustrate the hell out of me. You won’t get tangled with leads and it makes using a PC or a laptop so much easier. You can pick them up on amazon super cheap – I have the one from logitech.

6 – Baskets

I used small baskets to keep my stationary in and it truly was one of the best ideas I’ve had. The pots you can buy to store pens and highlighters were often too tall for my desk shelves, so desk baskets were a fantastic compromise. I bought mine from The Range I believe and they were the grey ‘curver’ ones. A pack of 5 cost £9.99! I can’t find the exact ones I had but there’s lots to choose from on The Range’s website or you can get some at Wilko.

7 – A3 Planner

I have spent the last couple of Sunday’s writing down my plans for the week ahead. It really helps to keep my week (and mind!) organised. My friend kindly bought me the one from Aldi which is only £1.99, which is SUCH a good deal! The paper is good quality and the weeks rip off really easily. You can also get the bundle with the notebook and extra to-do lists and memo notes for £5.97 (linked below!)

If you’re looking for some stationary to buy, head over to my recent blog post “10 Stationary Essentials You Need” to see some of my top suggestions!

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