Podcasts are a great way to stay up to date with your commercial awareness. Did you know that 12% of adults in the UK claim to listen to podcasts every week? By listening to Podcasts regularly, particularly those which discuss business and financial news, this will really help and assist you with your wider understanding of current affairs.

Podcasts are also great to listen to if you’re short for time or don’t like reading news articles. They compile lots of recent news stories so you can listen to them on the go – in the car, on a run, on a walk or just playing in the background when you’re doing some work or have some down time. So, read below to see my favourite ones for law students and aspiring solicitors!

Wake up to Money by BBC5Live – This is my ultimate go-to podcasts for commercial awareness. Although the episodes are slightly longer (usually around 45 minutes) you get a great insight into everything business and commercial and personal finance law, hearing from different company executives, etc. (Available on Spotify!)

FT News Briefing by The Financial Times – This is a great podcast which delivers short daily audio news updates. These episodes are shorter and are only around 8 minutes, so really easy to catch up on or if you don’t have much time to be checking the news. This is also available to listen to on Spotify!

Law Pod UK – This is a fab podcast if you’re interested in developments in the civil and public law sectors in the UK. It is hosted by barristers in the UK and are only around 30 minutes long! You can listen on their website here.

Watson’s Daily – Peter Watson has great subscription plans to help develop your commercial awareness. Peter Watson narrows down each news story for you in a clear and concise way, and even delivers them straight to your inbox! He has an app called “Watson’s Daily” which you can download (depending on which plan you have signed up for). I would definitely recommend subscribing to one of his plans if you haven’t already, and they’re completely affordable! A WIN for law students on a budget.

More From Law by Harry Clark Harry is a trainee solicitor at Baker McKenzie who started this Podcast series which aims to “broaden your legal horizon”. The Podcast brings the latest legal industry developments and includes  a variety of interviews, deep-dive analysis, commentary and discussion.

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