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Social mobility is extremely important to me. The barriers students from underrepresented backgrounds face when trying to get into law can seem overwhelming, exhausting and impossible.

I was state-school educated, entitled to free school meals, attended a non-russell group uni, am the first generation in my family to attend uni and am from a low income family.⁣⁣ So, I know first hand the struggles that disadvantaged and underrepresented students face when trying to start their legal career.

I started this page to not only help and motivate others, but to inspire underrepresented students in particular by sharing my legal journey, my struggles and how I maintain the drive and determination to become a lawyer, and show you that anything really is possible.⁣⁣

Despite the setbacks I have faced that came part and parcel of being an underrepresented student, I managed to secure a training contract with a top 20 UK law firm; possibly my greatest achievement to date.

I have put together a list of other accounts who support, encourage + represent social mobility and diversity which will hopefully help you on your legal journey

Vantage (@vantage_app on Instagram) Vantage is a free online portal connecting you with the top legal employers. Using contextual recruitment, Vantage showcases people from every demographic, searches for top performers everywhere and puts your grades into context. It’s a fantastic network to be a part of and I highly recommend you check them out! See their website here for more information.

First Gens (@first_gens_ on Instagram) – Founded by Alaya, which aims to help first generation students to “master their studies, navigate graduate recruitment and build a successful career”. 👊🏻⁣⁣

Aspiring Solicitors (@aspiringsolicitors on Instagram) – An incredible initiative that helps underrepresented students connect with legal professionals who provide insight to increase diversity in the legal profession. They offer opportunities such as the Commercial Awareness Competition (where you can win a weeks work experience with a law firm!)⁣

Social Mobility Foundation (@socialmobilityfoundation on Instagram) – This innovative charity seeks to place high achieving students from disadvantaged backgrounds in placements with major private + public sector institutes. They work with leading law firms + chambers, including Baker & McKenzie + Pinsent Masons.⁣⁣

GROW Mentoring (@grow.mentoring on Instagram) – GROW is a free mentoring initiative pairing aspiring lawyers with legal professionals from all different backgrounds. It was founded by Justin, a magic circle trainee + diversity and inclusion advocate, to widen access to the legal profession. They also have amazing opportunities such as panel events, provide tips for applications and more!⁣⁣

The 93 Percent Club (@the93percentclub on Instagram) This society aims to represent the interests of state-schooled students who account for 93% of the population but face inequality when it comes to obtaining opportunities. They offer lots of opportunities such as Webinars + Q&A sessions with firms.

Legable (@legableuk on Instagram) – An account I have recently been introduced to that does not disappoint. Founded by Lauren Bowie, a future trainee solicitor for Pinsent Masons and first-class law graduate, this account aims to help, support and encourage social mobility by listing recent opportunities for underrepresented and disadvantaged students. They have a blog full of aspiring and current lawyers who offer exclusive insight into various social mobility programmes that are available.

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A future trainee solicitor encouraging and supporting social mobility, and showing you anything is possible.

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